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All-Ukrainian portal of passenger transportation Garrybase.com is a useful service, the main task of which is to provide information about carriers to customers. Every private carrier in Ukraine, a company or a transport company has the opportunity to add information about its transport to the appropriate categories, so that it can be easily found.

Passenger transportation in Ukraine is a service for moving people along pre-laid routes. The convenience of these services is obvious, whether it is the transportation of passengers over long distances or the movement of various numbers of people around the city at weddings and other events, ordering and renting a transport with a driver will be the most acceptable option.

This site specializes in providing information about carriers that are engaged in non-scheduled transportation to customers.

For carriers: fill in your information as fully as possible, mark the categories of transport that you provide, select additional services that you provide!

For clients: in order to find a suitable transport, select a city and a category of transport (the number of seats and class of car are optional conditions, but by specifying them you can quickly find a suitable transport)

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